This can be avoided by using resistors in series with the injectors, and disabling the pulse width modulation PWM. With lower opening times by allowing full voltage i. Bring your vehicle to have the fuel injectors professionally cleaned every year as needed. Note switchmounting orientation probably matters. Theinjector connectors are AMP part number , but sometimes you haveto buy a large quantity. Here is an example of a low impedance injector’s pulse voltage, current, and fuel flow:

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With better flyback control, you can reduced injector opening times recall that the injector opening time is really the sum of the opening and closing timesand increase the duration of the ‘controllable’ part of the pulse width i. The AN dash measure is the standard for performance hose applications. Your engine will need a certain amount of fuel to run correctly at idle when fully warmed up.

fet injector driver

It also helps close the injectors faster. Tubing is available in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum for this purpose.

There is very little reason not to do it though some have argued against it for individual runner port EFI set-ups. It is mounted with the reset switch injetcor up.


Peak&Hold Injector Driver Board for Megasquirt

If you run a new pick-up into the tank, it will need a filter. You can use this converter: How do I purchase? Select your option below and make sure to select the correct onjector option. The fuel supply lines for the top of the injectors are the same size.

Install at least one fire extinguisher in your work area away from where the fire is mostly likely to occur and carry another one in your car. You can do this by cutting the leads to D22 and D However, do not install injectors with a much larger flow capacity than you need.

Offer excludes truck freight and oversize fees. Journal of Propulsion and Power. In some sizes, they may thread together,, but will not seal properly, due to the difference in sealing surface angles.

This is a problem because in the standard code for MegaSquirt, the resolution of the steps is 0. This can also create problems trapping air on assembly that can cause issues at first start-up. The current BOM is here.

However, if you are planning on a throttle body injection set-up, you need a dedicated TBI unit in order to supply the fuel to the injectors, etc. In order to properly install your MegaSquirt, you need to select and install fuel system components appropriate for your engine.


Peak&Hold Injector Driver Board for Megasquirt

Target air—fuel ratiosThe relative proportions of air and fuel vary according to the type of fuel used and the performance requirements i. On the web, Waytek has lots of different connectors that you can use in building your MegaSquirt.

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This is not possible with resistors, unless you devise a way to bypass them during starting like the older cars did for the ignition coil. Injectors frequently have identifying numbers stamped on them. Be sure to remove the fuel tank cap before starting the cleaning.

However, if you are planning on a throttle body injection set-up, you need a dedicated TBI unit in order to supply the fuel to the injectors, etc. The vacuum referenced fuel pressure regulator is essential.

This triggers Windows to start the printer service to get executed. However, if you are going to repair the V2. Injevtor aluminum extrusion comes in two sizes: This puts less heat into the board and other components.