Ken …With both thumbs on the bottom half of the phone case, push down while sliding the cover off the unit. Since when are mp3 videos??? How do i get the English language on the interface of my phone ive tried all the different ways people have said to do it but i still cant find english. From your main screen choose the little house. I said I was going to report on my overall proformance here in NYC. At this price range, the A is the best phone on the market for the USA. If the phone cannot access T-Flash, take it out, blow on the contacts and carefully re-seat T-flash and lock into position.

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Hello everybody i ask one of u guys whoever know how to set the MMS in Tmobile…Also i need how to download a ringtones.

I just stumbled onto another possibility — the Delsay N8. Rory……the specs of the t02 are identical to P, no better, no worse. If ever a properly installed TechSkin is scratched, torn, or damaged, just send it back with your proof of purchase and original packaging, and we’ll replace it only for the cost of shipping and handling. Missileman- What does the keyboard on the A look like compared to the P?


Can you add windows mobile to these phones? Please take note that we are located in Los Angeles, California. Ahhhh, too many options! Related Question Ifoe p Cell Phones. It should give the smiley face then say done… Everything should then be in english?

I am going to get the gen 4 gold edition stick on antennas i need to no where the anttena is. There is a real lack of support for this particular phone, its a shame. Anyone live in OC, ca have this phone phone with Cingular? Got it, inserted sim, NO service.

Skinomi TechSkin – iFOE P Skin Protector

I asked if they had an alternate and she had no way of finding out. You need to decide which is more important. The problem is that the settings will not save no matter wat i do ….

Could you give me like a full breakdown of the A?

CECT P168 – Another Apple iPhone Clone

They said I am all set up on there end. My problem is getting music from my computer to the phone.

Problem is i have Fido and it says no service with the Sim card in place. That way we could all see the phones p1168 in action. Does anybody here have good deals on USB cables for a P? The charging animation comes on.


SOLVED: IFOE P problem- white screen – Fixya

Anyone who is looking to get the MMS working and internet scroll down to this mans name!!! The P covers , What we really need is a Quad-band P I have sent Carlene an electronic copy. More to Follow Later…….

But the other features are p1168. Please I need your help right away. Unopened items can be returned for a full refund within the day period.

Please let us all know where it is — I can supply the English version of the A and ornage and pink A phones.

Hope that answers your question!! I live in Southern California. One huge plus is that the headset is not the strange little connector that the P uses but a normal cell phone headet connector. I do go to Westchester County often and will post my finding in terms of reception once I get mine next week.