The unit will beep three times. When this option is selected, thescanner will only enter programmode after power-up. This is aZZ1clocked by the host serial interface. Not all hardware versions of the scanner support all of the features universally. This isonly valid in modes where some type ofhandshaking is involved. This mode will notwork with all keyboard types.

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Metrologic MS951

The MS can be used either as a hand-held scanner or fixed scanner because of its unique design. Some features willdeliver different results based upon the primary interface selected.

Some host systems require thisdelay when receiving transmissions, others do not. The available baud rates range from to If necessary, scan theappropriate bar code. Even ParityPA3Select this option to make the parity bit always 1. The versatile MS can operate as a “hands-free” scanner when placed in its flexible, fixed stand. Page 7 Programming the ScannerThe scanner is shipped from the factory programmed to a set of defaultconditions noted in this guide by an asterisk that appears before the briefdefinition.


Description Buy Works with More like this Manufacturer. This isonly valid in modes where some type ofhandshaking is involved. When this option is selected, the scanner willproduce an audible razzberry tone whencommunications have timed out. Enablethe appropriate option for your specific application. Tell us what’s missing. OC8Each character of a bar code takes between7. The unit will beep three times.

Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Onceenabled, the sfanner will simulate CapsLock keyboard input. The following bar codes are used to configure the scanner tocommunicate with the ScanPal.

An operator can present barcoded items to the MS for automatic scanning. Worker efficiency and productivity is increased with this feature by allowing faster throughput. Connect the scanner to the host system or power source.

Photo of Metrologic MS Scanner

PC Keyboard Wedge units do not use baud rates. A maximum of two bar codelengths can be specified. When this option is selected, thescanner will only enter programmode after power-up. To activate, first scan an ITF character lock length.


The Metrologic MS hand-held laser scanner provides unsurpassed versatility and adaptability. If necessary, scan scanjer bar code on page 3. Reserved CodesMetrologic has reserved the codes on the following pages for features that willbe added at a later date.

This added operator feature increases comfort and reduces repetitive strain injury.

Tell us about it. Thescanner will not scan codes with fewer than the configured minimum ofcharacters. This feature overrides ITF character locking. Then scanRBC-enable minimum test.

Metrologic engineered the scanner with desirable features including: Recall DefaultsDF1Minimum Code Length for All Code TypesThe minimum number of characters in thebar codes that will be scanned should bespecified by scanning one of the followingbar codes. Your manual failed to upload