Now bundled with Ableton Live Lite: I was so impressed by the ease I was working with. Works in Standalone, VST 2. Only if your serial number looks like this: All presets are carefully selected from the Arturia V Collection.

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You can even save the presets you need for a gig into a playlist to step through during your sets. Firmware upgrade is now possible for the MiniLab owners.

SEM V is a stunningly accurate virtual synthesizer that delivers the sound of the legendary mono-synth from Once you clicked on the “Buy” button, you will be redirected to the upgrade page on our website. With Multi patches, you even get macro control so that a single controller can affect parameters on two different patches at once.

MiniLab Black Edition

The power of the features and visual styling are obvious, but sound? Macros on Tracks and fx artruia are now properly handled Automations and MIDI changes are now kept when exporting audio No more crashes on some Matrix presets No more stuck notes when transposing while a note is played V 2.

MiniLab is a complete portable controller keyboard to play and control your virtual instruments. Complete and total control even when Im surrounded by chaos on the road.


All the sequenced sound is made with one instance of the SEM V. Moreover, you can now press the ‘Delete’ key to quickly delete a template.

For more information, see the Live 9 Lite page on Ableton website. All steps are summarized in this video: Layer 03 Glen Darcey. Switch between two banks of pads: Our new MiniLab is a pure controller which – while containing no onboard sounds – lets you play, tweak, and manipulate software instruments via MIDI. MiniLab MkII is a high quality, feature-packed controller which gives you hands-on access to the sounds in your virtual studio.

Arturia – Details

New in V Collection 5. It all adds up: You can access it from the Device menu. Arturia Software Center V 1. Now bundled with Ableton Live Lite: If you’d like to take a closer look at how KeyLab controls the features of Live, check out our handy guide. Lead are both from the SEM V.

Analog Lab 3 aruria truly the ultimate creativity launchpad. Two octave, velocity-sensitive mini keyboard with user-selectable velocity curves. Everything you need for creativity and inspiration is right here in Analog Lab 2. Imagine having every sound from this incredible collection of retro marvels in one place, easily accessible, and – above all – fun to play.


Firmware files are available on the website. Helping you make the most of your virtual instruments and recording software, MiniLab MkII features a great-feeling keybed with 25 slim-keys, 16 knobs, 8 pads, and touch controls in a space-saving package.

Arturia – MiniLab Mk II QuickStart

Discover the DAW in which thousands of song are composed and recorded each day. Having direct access to 8 user presets further expands your control options.

This powerful controller also comes with several critically acclaimed software titles that will have you creating professional recordings in no time. The combination of Mini,ab and Analog Lab creates an amazing hybrid synthesizer with excellent functionality and great sound. Live will guide you through an authorization process and you will be asked for a serial number.