You can specify that the Universal Print Driver is always used for example, configured using Citrix Policies. George Spiers December 23, In the meantime we found already a solution. The default route sends the print job direct from Citrix session to print server. Thanks for your answers. If you find that the EMF Viewer shows a print being aligned properly but the actual result is not then you may need to use the Universal Print Driver or native print driver specific to that printing device.

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George Spiers May 10, Print mapping uses a mixture of TCP ports and George Spiers June 15, Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Storage Storage ControllersStorage Solutions.

PCL6 Driver for Universal Print

Tim July 11, Outside of locally attached printers, Citrix has two different methods for sending your print job to a networked printer. Now think citrixx the following scenarios if you do have Direct connections to print servers disabled. I am creating a Citrix lab and would like to implement the UPS. The latest version is 7. Cesar June 15, My issue was due to a registry key.


Servers Server SolutionsServer Components. To answer your question, compression does work with 3rd party pgint.

Service ProvidersVirtual Appliances. When I hit print preferences in a app, the Citrix printer green colors with Citrix and arrow pointing to printer pops up does this mean the upd is in use at the time? Hi Geroge, First of all, excuse me because my questions may seem very silly but I am just starting in this world. We use Citrix Universal Printer to map the default local printer towards the Citrix session. The UpsClient version 7.

Working With RICOH Products in a Citrix Environment

Any idea what can be the cause of this behaviour? You can specify that the Unjversal Print Driver is always used for example, configured using Citrix Policies. Hi George Thanks for your reply. Gilles January 5, For the majority of the time though, using the Universal Print Driver will work just fine for most needs so ultimately your work will be cut out for most print devices.

Services Service ProvidersVirtual Appliances.


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Can this cause issues? Have you these open?

There are three different components to Citrix printing that can be implemented to unlock better management and advanced printing capabilities. Alan May 10, It was not firewall issue as the master image to update the vda is in same dmz and ups always works.

Alan April 25, George Spiers January 5, This is because in this situation the print job sent direct to the print server is not compressed. Clicking on the print button again gives you the ccitrix to print to any of your locally connected printers.

These advanced solutions make full use of Ricohs years of experience in developing its customer-focused business processes; the supporting infrastructure that makes such extended value delivery possible, i.