System in Suspend Mode. They also came in slot 1 and socket form, this machine being the later socket form. When you disconnect external devices from the back of the computer, wait 5 seconds after turning off the computer before you disconnect any devices to avoid possible damage to the system board. About this product Product Information Dell is an American multinational computer technology company based in Round Rock, Texas that develops, designs, and manufactures computers and mobile related products and services for every customer. If you reconfigure your hardware, you may need pin number and signal information for the USB connectors. A dual-colored link integrity indicator , which is green when there is a good connection between a Mbps network and the NIC and up orange when there is a good connection between a Mbps network and the NIC.

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To prevent unauthorized removal of your computer, loop the cable around an immovable object, insert the locking device into the security cable slot on the back of drll computer, and lock the device with the key provided.

If you need to set up your computer system yourself rather than having it set up by a network administratorsee “Getting Started” in the System Information Guide that accompanied your opfiplex for instructions on connecting cables and turning on your system for the first time. Now the obvious benefit of using a laptop style drive is you can have a smaller case and it also is lighter.

When the indicator is off, the computer is not detecting a physical connection to the network. Serial port 1 connector. Mouse driver software gives the mouse priority with the microprocessor by issuing interrupt request IRQ 12 whenever you move the mouse.

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Setup and Operation: Dell OptiPlex GX System User’s Guide

If you leave your system running and unattended without having a system password assigned, or if you leave your computer unlocked so that someone can disable the password by changing a jumper setting, anyone can access the data stored on your hard-disk drive.

The password assignment operation recognizes keys by xg110 location on the keyboard, without distinguishing between lowercase and uppercase characters. If the system does not turn off when you press the power button, the system may be hung. After you assign a setup password, only those who neteork the password have full use of System Setup.

Evelynn Star Lynn talks about video games, records and books Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Security Cable Slot and Padlock Ring. The password setting changes to Enabled. The closest similar machine I can think of from the same time is the Compaq EN small form factor which I wrote about here. The external drive is a 3. The hard-disk drive access indicator lights up when the system is reading data from or writing data to the drive.

Dell Optiplex Gx110 Part 01424d 5-slot PCI Riser Board Tested

Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I find this a bit of a negative though since I find laptop style CD drives to be a bit less robust and more prone to damage.

When you start System Setup, the System Setup screen appears with Setup Password highlighted, prompting you to type the password. For example, if you have an M in your password, the system recognizes either M or m as correct. When you enter System Setup, both password options appear as Not Enabledindicating that the password feature is enabled but that no password has been assigned.

If you assign and later forget a system password, you must remove the computer cover to change a jumper setting that disables the system password feature see ” Disabling a Forgotten Password “. Your Dell system is shipped to you without the setup password feature enabled.


My machine currently has the max of mb using two PC mb sticks. Check the documentation that accompanied the device for specific installation and configuration instructions. Turn off the ootiplex and any attached peripherals before connecting a mouse to the computer.

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You can assign a setup password only if Setup Password is set to Not Enabled. The integrated parallel port is automatically disabled if the system detects an installed expansion card containing a nework port configured to the same address as specified in Parallel Port in System Setup.

It installs like just about any other expansion card though it has a little green plastic lever you want to raise before removing the card. An incorrect designation prevents the printer from printing or causes scrambled print.

Dell OptiPlex GX110 PC Desktop – Customized

Use System Setup to reset the alarm so that future intrusions are detected. Since your system is also shipped with the DMI agent enabled and active allowing system settings to be changed remotelyDell strongly recommends that you enable and use the setup password feature to prevent unauthorized changes to system settings.

If you want to assign a new password, continue to step 6.