Reboot and try again. I”ll probably add levels 4,6 ,7,8 in the future now we have a better idea where the different machines can run. Mon Mar 24, 7: OS Windows 7 Ultimate x Sun Dec 31, 6:

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DScaler attempts to lower the access rights needed to load the hardware driver to allow all users to run DScaler.

[SOLVED] Failed to Load Hardware Monitor Driver

Never faced such a problem with Pinnacle but now I am stuck with it. Author Write something about yourself.

After an uninstall of Dscaler the driver is removed. Sun Dec 17, The log file still reads. So what’s the deal here? It just skips up to the next higher one so IIRC 6 will really get you all the way to 9.

Two users reported this problem. I can understand high temps if Dscaler was burning my CPU but its not.

Mon Dec 25, 1: The guest account is not enabled. Page 2 of 4. The time now is Fox Mulder XP wrote: What version is the driver?


Whenever I load Dscaler to watch TV, my CPU temps shoot up like crazy by about 30 degrees celcius from what it currently is running at! Sun Dec 31, hardwsre I am not sure what to do about it.

Dscaler Can T Load Hardware Driver – softspeedy

It seems to work ok in Windows XP so now i can actually see tv in both my monitors clone setup on Windows Vista i’ve had mixed dscalwr, copying my windows xp install crashed everytime on start a fresh harrware runned need to do some testing. I have the latest drivers from Hauppauge’s website. I have the latest drivers installed from Avermedia’s site and don’t see any fixes there around this not even sure if they are aware of this problem.

Fri Jan 26, 9: So my guess is that your Celeron is only slightly slower than you would need to run both adaptive noise and the new deinterlacer. I already tried that but it seems that Celeron Tualatin is just not enough. Where does this point to?


Suspicious Activity Detected

What bothers me is that the beta Dscaler 4 works just fine. I have a vboxavermedia m Is there someone who can send me this file or rehost it somewhere else?

The rumor was that Vista only allowed signed drivers. If I try to use dshow, I get this: This is irrespective of the deinterlacer method selected, aspect dscaaler choices, or the CPU selections made.

You are the first to complain about this problem.

DScaler :: View topic – Can’t load hardware driver, corrupt installation?

Tried reinstalling, but the same thing happened. To a folder with an old version of Dscaler or to the folder that contains DScaler 4. You can see that it tries to uninstall the driver at the first run because it detects an old version of the driver.