Please fill all the fields in the table. A copy of the power point presentation given in the e-application, to be enclosed with the hard copy. Source of income details 6. If yes, please specify 8. Equipment indicate details with value: Any change in the Memorandum of the Association must therefore have the written approval of the Department. A few reprints of the best publications made during the last 3 years with the hard copy.

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Linkages with industry-projects carried out on their behalf Give details: All attachments to the online applications must be in the.

A college undertaking scientific research in the specific disciplinesshould be affiliated to a university as above and should not be just a teaching institution. Assets acquired for research by organizations out of funds received should not be disposed off or transferred in favour of the promoter companies or to other agencies without the specific approval of the Department. While activities relating to training, awarding scholarships, rewarding scientists, organizing symposia etc.


Any change in the Memorandum of the Association must therefore have the written approval of the Department. Presentation about the organization: Approval granted to an organization is on the basis of its Memorandum of Association and other documents csir.


A copy of dsig certificate of registration with 6620 hard copy. Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, and Training Courses etc. Indicate whether accounts of the organisation are audited or not. During the discussions outside experts are invited and their comments are sought. How to vsir your report. RAC would be constituted by the Organisation to oversee and evaluate the research activities. Trusts of the nature of a partnership or family concern would not be eligible for approval as a scientific Research Organisation.

Kindly ensure that all the details are properly filled. A university established or incorporated by or under a Central or State Act and includes an institution declared under section 3 of the University Grants Commission Act, 3 of to be University for the purposes of the Act.

After successful submission of online application send one set of hard copy. Project Disr Definition Statement. Provide the details of research programmes identified for the next three years indicating the financial Implications as per Annexure-II.

Give the details of equipment procured during the last 3 years.

Details like organization name, renewal of recognition, recognition number with its validity has been uploaded through system and user is not allowed to change these details.


Deir the details of on-going research programmes and research programmes undertaken during the last 3 years.


However, in certain cases this recognition may be granted for a shorter period. Equipment indicate details with value: Details of ongoing research programmes planned to be undertaken during the next 3 years: Renewal of recognition is granted for periods ranging from 2 to 3 years 5 II. Provide the details of the foreign contributions received, if any.

Details of past research programmes: Do not keep any field vacant.

The Organisation should be non-profit oriented. PREAMBLE The Recognition Scheme for Scientific and Industrial Research Organisations SIROs will bring together voluntary organizations operating in non-commercial sector with a view to promote their activities in the area of scientific and industrial research, design and development of indigenous technology to achieve technological self-reliance and minimize foreign inputs.

Provide complete details dsor investments under various heads.

Change blog – Andrew Gibbons. In case an entry in a table is nil, kindly indicate.