Based on some limited time with CRBasic, I foresee some issues with using the DialModem function within an If statement and using ” ” as a dial string. Set dial string to ; leave the rest blank. In practice you should have the datalogger regularly query the satellite availability and signal strength from the GS modem. When the conditions are good, use. We’ve been somewhat successful in setting up a similar test infrastructure using cellular-based connectivity via the Sierra Wireless LS modem. With DevConfig set ppp interface to that connected to the

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The following got me to a data connection:.

Our full technical support staff does not monitor this forum. I’m having trouble figuring out how to connect the CR through my LS at all.

Although this works i. So far I have no luck contacting Sierra Wireless customer support.

Set dial string to ; leave the rest blank. If you need assistance from a member of our staff, please submit your question from the Ask a Question page.

When conditions are right you will use the command you mentioned to dial into the network. With the goal of reducing connectivity costs, is there a way to explicitly control a DHCP request? Sam Dec 23, Based on your recommendations, I’m assuming I haven’t described a lot of detail here so if there is something specific you need I will provide.


Thanks in advance for all your help and recommendations.

Globalstar Gsp-1620 Pocket Data Satellite Modem With Antenna Ceabq0001

Feedback on the logic and use of the proper CRBasic functions would be helpful. The globwlstar got me to a data connection: COM connected to GS modem: That being said, I’ve been successful in establishing a data connection based on quality of service parameters queried from the modem. Based on the GlobalStar GSP documentation, we think a similar design is possible, if we can properly account for setting up access to the packet data network through the dial string and establishing a PPP connection between the CR and GlobalStar modem.

They have a nice field ready product that I’ve used to send data to LoggerNet with. Currently, these sites are setup as asynchronous nodes and data is transferred by scheduled dial-out connections controlled by LoggerNet over public switched telephone network.

Thank you kindly give me a hand. The idea is to configure the CR to A couple more clarifications would help defining our path: Any insight into establishing such a CRinitiated packet data connection via GlobalStar modems would we greatly appreciated.


Qualcomm GSP – Globalstar satellite modem for asynchronous and packet data services.

So now that a data connection can be established, the next task is to configure the Globbalstar such that it requests a DHCP address from the GlobalStar infrastructure. In practice you should have the datalogger regularly query the satellite availability and signal strength from the GS modem.

Sam Dec 24, If you are not too far down the road on this but are committed to Globalstar, you should consider calling Nupoint Systems. Hello atm I’d look into two things: We’re in the process of redesigning our data collection scheme from a set of GlobalStar GSP connected sites. Thanks, Sam, I appreciate your quick response. A blank dial string, as found in the documentation, ” Again, the help is appreciated I set up port forwarding on ace manager with no luck.

When the conditions are good, use.