Turn the roll of media so that you can pull out the amount you require for your cutting operation. Remove the holder B. Any suggestions are appreciated. Press the NEXT key again. When the mirror mode is enabled, the origin and coordinate axes are changed as shown in the figure below.

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A note on Inkscape, there is a cutting plugin called InkCut, but I haven’t gotten it to work correctly. FC 54 inches cm wide.

Graphtec Corporation Vinyl Cutting Plotter Pro Fc4100-100

Hey All, Looking for some help here, I have a “hand me down” plotter I’d like to hook up and it seems that Graphtec no longer has the driver for this particular plotter. Page Page – Command error messages and their causes Page Page – Error 1400 in hp-gl command mode Page Page – Setting the parallel interface Page – How to get to the interface menu before Already have an account?

This graphtfc describes plotter nomenclature and how to install your plotter. Turn on the Power if it is off. Note that the media can be loaded either before or after turning on the plotter. Important information to complete a task correctly. Page Page – Self test – running the self test Page Page – Troubleshooting – the plotter is turned Install one Basket Tube thru the top two holes of the Tube Brackets front and rear. Dec 8, 6. Page h x The plotter is defective. Fc I’m new to the vinyl cutting world, and would like some wisdom and help, I’ve bought a used fc and need to get it going, i’m trying to operate this machine with a sony vaio laptop with windows 7, I have downloaded the drivers and manual from their website and have contacted them and all I get is that this machine is no longer supported.


Keep your hands, hair, clothing and other objects out of the vicinity of the pen carriage, grit rollers and loaded media. May 14, 2.

Place the media alignment bar in between the tabs of the media brackets that protrude from the front side from the plotter. Information to simplify the task.

driving a Graphtec FC | Signscom: Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals

Install the remaining Basket Tube thru the bottom two holes of the Graphtsc Brackets rear and front. Is there an adapter available so I can connect it to a USB?

Make sure the pen holder screw is loose. Make sure the conveyor rollers are straight. Three preset conditions are available for easy access.

These conditions greatly affect the finished quality of the cutting operation. Confirm the pen is mounted on the carriage.

GRAPHTEC FC4100 series User Manual

These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. Your VAIO probably doesn’t have one of those. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.


Checking the Contents After unpacking your plotter, check that the standard accessories shown below are all present. Dull corner shapes on thick material. Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals Signs Graphtex have the opportunity to “inherit” a used plotter but I’m unsure what driver it takes or where to obtain one.

I will post after I figure out what works best. Register a new account. Page The media sensors Contact your sales Media size sensor during initialization.