Categories Science and Technology. Best Offer Dummy Camera mm. Best Offer Heacent AD 2. Aside from different types of key switches , backlighting and perhaps macro capabilities , keyboard technology has largely gone unchanged over the last several decades. Oplink Connected systems are comprised of a family of plug and play wireless components that seamlessly work together with the Oplink Processing Unit and the Oplink Cloud. No matter what Oplink system you own, you can easily expand it with any Oplink component by simply plugging it in. The device could provide a stronger layer of security for computer users.

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Using signal analysis techniques, they were able to differentiate individual typing patterns with low error rates, Wang said. Best Offer Haydon Bracket 1 internal camera bracket.

Intelligent keyboard for improved security2 Keyboagd Tech Professor Zhong Lin Wang left and graduate research assistant Jun Chen display their new self-powered keyboard. The Oplink system will instantly recognize and configure the new component, and integrate it into your security system. Best Offer Voltek CT time date generator.

This intelligent keyboard can determine who is typing on it and even generate its own electricity

Conventional keyboards record when a keystroke makes a mechanical contact, indicating the press of a specific key. Already have an account? That may soon no longer be the case. I suppose one could just mash buttons as quickly as possible to generate even more power but then, the keyboard would lock you out for not typing correctly. Best Offer Digital Display Screen. When the finger moves away, the negative charges on the FEP side induces positive charges on the top electrode, and equal amounts of negative charges on the bottom electrode.


When a finger contacts the FEP, charge is transferred at the contact interface, injecting electrons from the skin into the material and creating a positive charge. Rob Felt Download Image. TechSpot Account Sign up for freeit takes 30 seconds.

Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate. Software already exists that can identify a person based on keystroke timing but the researchers argue that the software-approach is more limited than their intelligent keyboard as the latter can analyze additional metrics like pressure. The intelligent keyboard records each letter touched, but also captures information about the amount of force applied to the key and the length of time between one keystroke and the next.

Best Offer Videx Proxe proximity desk mount reader. Such typing style is unique to individuals, and so could provide a new biometric for securing computers from unauthorized use. The new device is based on inexpensive materials that are widely used in the electronics industry. In addition to providing a small electrical current for registering the key presses, the new keyboard could also generate enough electricity to charge a small portable electronic device or power a transmitter to make the keyboard wireless.

Wang believes the new smart keyboard will be competitive with existing keyboards, in both cost and durability. John Toon jtoon gatech.

Self-powered intelligent keyboard could provide a new layer of security

No matter what Oplink system you own, you can easily expand it with any Oplink component by simply plugging it in. Add your comment to this article You need to be a member to leave a comment. Recently commented stories Jump to forum mode.


The board is able to generate enough energy to power itself as well as small electronics at typing speeds greater than characters per minute. Hgrican image to enlarge.

Consecutive keystrokes produce a periodic electrical field that drives reciprocating flows of electrons between the electrodes. Best Deal Videx monitor mounting plate. As part of the study, his research group evaluated the keyboard under challenging conditions, including application of moisture, intellogent and oil.

Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the DOE. The device could provide a yyrican layer of security for computer users.

Next, a layer of fluorinated ethylene propylene FEP is applied onto the ITO surface to serve as an electrification layer that generates triboelectric charges when touched by fingertips. Oplink Connected systems are comprised jyrican a family of plug and play wireless components that seamlessly work together with the Oplink Processing Unit and the Oplink Cloud.