LINK cable at first time, the following steps must be required for installing the correct driver. Not if you want. In a way though the PDX10’s fiddling with three automatic ND filters and the use of a nasty nasty in optical engineering terms only two bladed diaphragm should not matter two hoots to the end user. USB connection Enables you to copy still image files in a memory card to a PC or to use the camcorder as a web camera for video conference over the Internet. Since many cameras are brought to record family memories for the future, this camera, or similar products, must have a big appeal in a “future-proofing” sense, definately because of January 27, –

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Okay, so you agree I didn’t say “captured to tape” – you misquoted me there. This part of my review is spot on.

Having said that, I feel Gary has put accross many points that have been helpful in that manner. If someone has them, just send s. But first, a look at how the PD1 shapes up in terms of regular camcorder features. Originally posted by Alan Roberts at work: The filters still absorb unwanted light which is therefore lost rather than redirected as in a 3-ccd camera.

I think you’re confusing two separate issues – resolution and sensitivity. My understanding is that x never gets recorded to tape as such. Still, it’s a tremendous piece of engineering, with all the potential to kick-start a videomaking revolution toward higher resolutions and wider aspect ratios.

JVC Camcorder GR-PD1 User Guide |

BUT it will get used a lot until better ones appear, simply because it’s small and cheap. Firstly, to Tom Hardwick, I had to fish out Feb’s issue to refresh my memory, and now remember that I was impressed by it. For that, we give gr-;d1 a hearty thumbs up. I think what I wrote was sufficient to explain why JVC can argue that the single-chip PD1 has colour fidelity effectively as good as 3-chip models.


JVC GR-PD1 Instructions Manual

Was this right hand column on p28 what you referred to when you posted “another example of video engineers getting lost in the technical detail rather than realising what it actually means in terms of quality output. This is why professional camcorders have three chips. Remove the power supply battery, etc. I can not imagine almost Can someone give me the program or provide a download link? How To Attach The Lens Cap To protect the lens, attach the provided lens cap to the lens hood when camcorder is not in use.

JVC GR-PD1 Camcorder – Black

Contrary to what I suspect you think of me, I’m not a stupid guy and I have quite a bit of experience writing on video subjects. In fact I used my camera for many months without realising that I did not have the Progressive Scan feature turned on.

It’s just occurred to me that we seem to be working with a different definition of the word “resolution”.

My earlier posts may have seemed pedantic, but reading your letter makes me even more convinced that this is a matter which needs to be publicly clarified, and far from just being a matter of wording is jjvc significant importance to you and others like you. Well, yes, I agree in principle, but “what the pictures look like”, can also refer to lens coverage issues.


Colour fidelity doesn’t seem to be a problem for top end digital SLR’s – who get round the sensitivity problem by having much larger CCD’s than in consumer video cameras. Which I think we’d pretty well guessed! On a final note, I would like to underline that I’ve read PD1 reviews in a number of magazines, and none of them addressed adequately how the PD1 works with computer editing systems.

Component video output setting When connecting the camcorder to a TV or video unit equipped with component video inputs pg.

It isn’t acceptable as a source of HD pictures for professional programme-making. Just so you don’t think we are overlooking this thread – James Morris, the reviewer, has been out of the jvv for a number of weeks but is back now and will respond once he’s managed to get himself settled back in.

JVC GR-PD1 Camcorder – Black | eBay

Page 8 How To Use The Audio Grpd1 When using optional headphones or external microphone, connect to the provided audio cable with a core filter attachedthen connect the audio cable to the camcorder. To prolong service lifeā€¦ Is is used by anybody other than JVC? Got it, continue to print.