I’m sure you’ve already tried them all. But if i take a look in the midi output in the piano roll view I can see that some notes are played for much to long too. Analytical and Functional cookies Analytical cookies for us to better craft the user experience based on your page view experiences. To see if it’s a Sound Center issue. By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies See more info This site uses cookies. As per all the tutorials etc I have read done I hit record then play some music yet nothing shows up in the track, not a sausage of data to be seen. Caranath Max Output Level:

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Rosegarden has excellent midi support and you can connect it to Ardour.

Midi recording trouble

Music Creator 6 Touch. Which version of Ubuntu are you using? Because what it sounds like from your last paragraph is that the MIDI off ua0307 is not being detected and each sample note is being played back to the length of underlying sample file.


Last edited by ShellstaX ; Apr 12, 6: Does anyone have an onother idea?

PM for more details. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. You can also say A and G doesn’t matter because the problem comes with every key that is in range of course. Some necessary cookies enable core functionality.

Kollo View Profile View Posts. Last edited by ShellstaX ; Apr 11, 7: I just plug everything in and start up jack and all the apps and start patchage and point and click to connect everything the way I want. Essentials Only Full Version.

LOGILINK USB /Midi Han/Hun 2 meter | Actit

I anxiously await to hear from you. As you play, the data from the keyboard is recorded in the midi track Check the manual for your keyboard Hope this will work better. Guitarhacker Max Output Level: Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?

My old Roland has a number of different midi settings that have to be set up correctly to transmit the proper data. Some vst’s are not multi timbral. Try doing it in say SI Lobilink Piano and see if the note prolongs.


How long the cable is. Can you give me a hint as to what I’m missing? See the 3 attached images. Tap Max Output Level: View More Photo Galleries.

No additional drivers were needed. It is much better than anything I found in Windows. Email me for later Email me for later.

So for example if I play h and c at once for 2 seconds MC6T recognizes that I stopped playing h but c gets played on and on and on. It was detected immediately on Ubuntu and Mac, and shows no latency.

You can also check my website for more info on soft synths and midi recording in MC4. Last edited by HorribleFate ; Apr 12, In other logiliink, they’re not meant to be played with more than one note at a time.