Take a look at the cb 4 cyl wasted spark thread about 13 topics below yours. The longer lead of the LED you connect to a Ohm resistor, then connect the other side of the resistor to the Vref wire 5 Volts. You connect the cathode short lead of and LED light emitting diode to this wire. However, I have been reading, and thinking about this a lot, and I’m not sure if my engine will work using only two pick-up coil inputs. In this case it is stored in outpc. This pin is connected to the output from a MAP sensor that puts out a 0 to 5 Volt signal roughly proportional to absolute pressure. It has two cylinders in a 72 degree vee, mounted to a common crank pin.

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This was a dual tach input engine like yours.

MicroSquirt.com read only forum (Jan.15,2018)

Here is a list of active MegaSquirt forums: I’ve had a hard time tracking down that information. This is the supply for an ‘warm-up indicator LED’.

I have been looking for to find out a solution but with no luck If someone really get Vmax engine ignition work with Microsquirt then I think there would be many happy faces here. No part of this manual may be reproduced or changed without written permission from James Murray, Ken Microsquirh and Philip Ringwood. This pin is used to receive data from the laptop computer serial port usually a DB9 or DB MSD is a well known brand and we will cover their wiring scheme here.


It would also be good if you had a picture of the stock trigger wheels.

Feel free to search the forums for information, facts, and overview. The problem is that the second set igniyion pistons is mounted to the crank, offset by degrees. The longer lead of the LED you connect to a Ohm resistor, then connect the other side of the resistor to the Vref wire 5 Volts.

This output controls a fuel pump relay by providing a ground when the fuel pump should be running.

Microsquirt V – Spark/ignition output

Using wasted spark on cylinders degrees out of phase will not work. It cannot control a fuel pump directly. If there is a way to iynition the beast running using spark only, then I’m just that much closer to convert to FI later. This is a 5 volt supply for the throttle position sensor and the MAP sensor.

Mine is old with four pickup coils and I have been thinking that I could fire two cylinders at the same time. The MSD box is only being used to fire the coil.

You can buy shielded wire for microsqurt, or wrap 2 to 3 layers of imcrosquirt foil have a look into your kitchen around the wires and connect the shield to ground. You connect the cathode short lead of and LED light emitting diode to this wire.

Square wave ignition signal input positive connection for Input 1. Most automotive temperature sensor are this type, however the default sensors are General Motors sensors. This is a pin for the ‘sense’ connection on a throttle position sensor.

The MegaSquirt Project has experienced explosive growth other the years, with hundreds of new MS installations occurring every week – a phenomenal success! Finally, for product selection assistance, all of the MegaSquirt vendors are there to help you select a system, along with all of iignition required pieces to make it complete.


Ignifion has changed is that the method of MegaSquirt support today has rapidly moved to Facebook, this is where the vast majority of interaction is happening now.

So you need 4 ignition lines, plus you need different and large individual offsets for each ignition line. This is connected to the oxygen sensor output wire.

Write the code needed for the four separate ignition outputs 5. Switch it to measure resistance. The LED will then light whenever accel enrichment is in effect.

For those not on Facebook the msextra forums is another micgosquirt for product support. It is used for alternate MAF pin or knock sensing, but it can be used to record whatever Volt signal is put on it if neither the MAF option nor the knock option uses it.

Be certain that Vref will not be grounded or connected to 12 Volts. Here is what I know I would need to modify: Add a wheel, or something similar for crank position 3.